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Deluxe Flannel Double-Layer Orthopedic Dog Sofa Bed

Double-Layer Comfort

Give your furry friend the ultimate relaxation experience with our double-layer design. The top layer of soft flannel pairs with a supportive orthopedic base, offering a perfect blend of comfort and care.

Orthopedic Support for Healthy Joints

Our bed uses a premium orthopedic foam layer as the base and fully padded armrests to provide important support for joint pain relief and overall comfort, especially for older dogs.

Easy to Disassemble

The removable design is easy to clean and ensures that your pet's cozy spot is always cozy and hygienic.

Machine Washable

Easy to put in the washing machine for cleaning, as simple as washing a short sleeve, no need to carry a bulky dog bed, no need to struggle to stuff it into the washing machine.
    Main Material:
    Faux rabbit fur, Flannel, Polypropylene cotton, Sponge
    Product Sizes:
    M: 60*50*14 cm / 23.62*19.69*5.51 in
    L: 80*62*16 cm / 31.5*24.4*6.9 in
    XL: 100*68*16 cm / 39.37*26.77*6.9 in