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Stylish Soft Cozy Dog Tent Dog Teepee

Create an own space for your pup, make them feel safe and intimate at home.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Easy to install, no nailing
  • Easy storage
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Washer wrinkle fabric



Product list:

Hoop x 1 | Curtain x 1 | Ceiling plate x 1 | Double-sided tape x 1 | Removable hook x 1 | Plastic wall anchor x 2 | Screw x 2

Product Sizes:

Height:240 cm / 7.9 feet

Diameter of top:50cm / 19.7 in

Diameter of bottom:89-96cm / 35-37.8 in

How to install:

The product included a double-sided tape screws, choose one of them, fix it to the roof and hang the tent on it.

Please Notes:

For the double-sided tape option, please leave it for more than 24 hours before hanging the tent on.

This product only includes the tent and the assembly parts, the dog bed is not included.