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Extremely Soft Fuzzy Puppy Sleeping Bag Dog Bed

Unique Sleeping Bag Design

The sleeping bag format provides a cozy, enclosed space, making it perfect for puppies who love a sense of security.

Luxurious Rabbit Fur Lining

Like a warm hug on a cold night, our bed's rabbit fur-like lining offers unparalleled softness. Your beloved furry companion will be wrapped in a soft, plush hug, ideal for snuggling up during those cool evenings.

Ideal for Small to Medium Dogs

Specially designed for your smaller sidekicks. This bed's got loads of space for stretching, curling, or cozying up—ideal for all those adorable naptime stretches and curls your pup loves.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

The cover is easily removable and machine washable, making cleaning a breeze.
Main Material:
Faux rabbit fur, Corduroy, Polypropylene cotton
Product Sizes:
M: 60*45 cm / 23.62*17.72 in
L: 80*60 cm / 31.5*23.62 in
XL: 100*80 cm / 39.37*31.5 in