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Fantasy Nature Series Carpet Pet Mat Pet Rug


Draw inspiration from the fantasy landscape of nature, snow mountains, rocks, and glaciers every inch belongs to nature. Under the precipitation of time, it gives its unique color and texture. Nature's random outline is the gift of nature. Let's slow down our lives and return to heaven and earth and nature.


The use of high-quality high-grade fabrics, soft and thick texture, high and low three-dimensional blanket surface to achieve a cloud-like soft feeling, the thickest part can reach 45mm, to provide your pet with a more comfortable home experience.


The complex handmade process is used to make the pattern more vivid, and the natural undulating texture is presented through the fusion of color matching to create the original natural look and feel. It is a dual enjoyment of visual and tactile sensation.


Simple and layered, presenting the beautiful moments of nature. Like being in nature, lightly decorating a corner of the home makes it overflowing with nature's magic.