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Fluffy Tufted Comfty Square Checkered Dog & Cat Bed

Our new FunnyFuzzy Fluffy Tufted Comfty Dog & Cat Bed is made with unbelievably soft faux fur. It’s so cozy, your best friend might just be tempted to give up the couch.

  • Excellent Quality: Made of different velvet splicing, the soft and comfortable touch makes pets like it more.
  • Bone Support: The bolstered sides give them extra physical and emotional support, making a headrest that’s almost as good as your lap. 
  • Removeable Cover: Cover is easy to remove and machine washable and dryer safe.
  • Provides the Best Sleep: Our dog bed keeps your furry friend cozy and warm all day and all night. 

Main Material:
Velvet, Polypropylene cotton
Products Sizes:
M: 60*50*20 cm / 24*20*8 in
L: 75*62*25 cm / 29*24*10 in
XL: 90*68*25 cm / 35*27*10 in