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Pet Chew Leaking Feeder Toys

Food dispensing function: this toy has to dispense holes, feed pets when playing, and keep attracting pets' attention.
Toy function: Easy and fun to play with, pets won't destroy furniture anymore.
Flying disc function: This toy can be played outside as a flying disc, one toy with multiple functions.
Anti-bite: Made with professional anti-bite material, can resist biting by large dogs, Suitable for pets of any size.
Improve intelligence: Pets learn to play with this product by themselves, which can effectively improve pet's IQ.
Release stress: Fun design with multiple functions, which enable pets to kill boredom and release stress.
Multi-function: Universal for dogs and cats, Not only can put dog food inside, but also bell or glowing ball, to attract cat's interest.

transparent round shell: PC;
disc: PA66%+GF30%
Dimensions: diameter 164mm x height 112mm
Color: blue, yellow
Weight: 148g