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Forest Flocking Moss Rug Irregular Floor Mat Pet Mat

The lush green hues evoke the beauty of the great outdoors, enhance your interior with this captivating and eco-inspired rug, perfect for adding a touch of freshness and sophistication to any room, embrace the essence of nature.

  • Comfortable Fabric: The surface flocking fabric is very fluffy and super soft, giving you a pleasant feeling as if walking on clouds. Relax your feet after a shower and protect them from cold floors.
  • Soft Flocking: With irregular design, the soft flocking feels very soft, like a mother's touch, pets will love to roll on it.
  • Non-Slip Backing: TPE material on the back provides maximum grip and prevents you from slipping.

Please note:
Recommended to clean it with a vacuum cleaner once a day, and wipe the local stains with a damp towel.

Main Material: 
Products Sizes:
Lake: 60*120cm / 23.62*47.24in
Autumn leaves: 80*108cm / 31.5*2.52in
Desert: 80*159cm / 31.5*62.6in
Pink petals: 80*160cm / 31.5*63in
Blue: 80*200cm / 31.5*78.7in
Summer: 80*200cm / 31.5*78.7in
Island: 90*95cm / 35.43*37.4in
Moonlight blue: 90*102cm / 35.43*40.16in
Spring: 60*90cm / 23.62*35.43in