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Ice Cream Shape Ice Silk Cooling Pet Mat

Ice Cream Shape Ice Silk Cooling Pet Mat is colorful, cool and soothing. Satisfy your pet's sleeping needs, comfortable through the summer.

  • Cool: The use of ice silk cotton fabric, cool but not icy, effectively reduces the temperature, so that the pet's skin temperature is maintained in a comfortable state.
  • Protect the cervical spine: PP cotton pillow design provides better neck support. It not only gives pets an all-round massage but also reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation.
  • Waterproof and anti-scratch: The surface is waterproof and stain-proof, say goodbye to the hidden danger of hair. Most importantly, our pad is also scratch-resistant, so you no longer have to worry about your dog's sharp claws.
  • Removable and washable: Our bed is removable and easy to dry after cleaning, keep it clean to let your pet sleep more peace of mind.


Main material: 
Ice silk cotton, Sponge, PP cotton
Products Sizes:
M: 19.7*15.7 in / 50*40 cm
L: 23.6*17.7 in / 60*45 cm
XL: 29.5*21.7 in / 75*55 cm
XXL: 35.4*25.6 in / 90*65 cm