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Lazy Holiday Plush Cozy Dog & Cat Sofa Bed

A better bed for your furry friend. FunnyFuzzy Thick Lazy Holiday Plush Cozy Dog & Cat Sofa Bed will keep your pet warm this winter.

  • Selected Material: This dog bed is made from breathable and soft teddy velvet fabric, ensuring your pet stays comfortable with good air circulation. The plushness of the fabric promotes restful sleep for your dog.
  • Full Support: This pet sofa features generously filled armrests and backrest with rich cotton, providing a plush and supportive surface for your pet. It maintains its plumpness and shape even with regular use, ensuring a cozy experience for your pet.
  • Removable & Washable: Just unzip and the cover can be removed for cleaning.

Main Material:
Teddy plush, Polypropylene cotton
Products Sizes:
M: 75*62*26 cm / 29.53*24.41*10.24 in
L: 89*75*36 cm / 35.04*29.53*14.17 in