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Plush Heart Fluffy Calming with Pillow Dog & Cat Bed

This FunnyFuzzy Fluffy Calming Dog Bed is the perfect choice for your pet on cold night, bright colors that are sure to brighten up dreary days.

  • Decorative: The color matching design is particularly eye-catching, placing in the house is not only a pet sofa, but also can decorate the house, bringing a sense of warmth.
  • Soft & comfortable: The full cotton inside can bring a cloud of lying feeling when your pet rests and does not collapse after a long sleep. Pair it with a small love pillow to give your pet a spine made.
  • Premium fabric: Made from premium plush, the soft and chunky fabric provides a comfortable and warm place for your pet to sleep.
  • Anti-slip: The bottom of the pad is made with special anti-slip material that prevents slipping around.
  • Removable & Machine washable: The outer cover can be easily removed for cleaning, effectively extending the life of the bed.

Main Material: 
Plush fabric, Polypropylene cotton
Products Sizes:
M: 75*50*10 cm / 29.53*19.69*3.94 in
L: 90*60*10 cm / 35.43*23.62*3.94 in
XL: 115*80*13 cm / 45.28*31.5*5.12 in​