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Round Canopy Dream Hideaway Dog Bed Pet Nest Bed

Ultra-Soft Plush Haven

Say goodbye to hard floors! Our Dream Dog Bed is crafted from the cozy plush and faux lambwool, giving your four-legged pal a taste of pure bliss. It's gentle on paws and noses, ensuring a snuggly sleep every time.

Resilient Cotton Filling

We've packed this bed with a generous amount of high-quality cotton filling, ensuring it retains its shape and offers unparalleled support.

Canopy Couture

A unique canopy design not only adds an elegant touch to your decor but also provides your dog with a private, cozy nook to curl up in.

Easy to Clean

Our dog bed is a breeze to clean, ensuring a hygienic sleep environment for your pet. And the anti-skid base keeps the bed stable, ensuring a safe and sound slumber.

    Main Material:
    Plush, Faux Lambwool, Sponge, Faux Suede, Polypropylene Cotton
    Product Sizes:
    S: 50*10 cm / 19.69*3.94 in
    M: 65*10 cm / 25.59*3.94 in
    L: 80*13 cm / 31.5*5.12 in
    XL: 95*15 cm / 37.4*5.91 in