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Super Large Leaf Shape Human Mat Dog Blanket

This Super Large Leaf Shape Human Mat Dog Blanket will satisfy your need for an extra large and super comfortable place to rest!

  • Extra Large:This is a giant dog bed for humans that allows you to take a nap with your furry friend. Dog bed that connects to human bed, making it common for owners to sleep in the pet bed scene.
  • Multipurpose: Perfect for you and your pet on the floor, sofa, etc. It can be used as both a cushion and a blanket, and it can also protect your furniture from your pets. It can also serve as the perfect companion when you are taking a cozy nap at work.
  • High quality material: Made of cotton, the lining is made of high quality polyester, which makes it super soft, comfortable and skin-friendly, providing the most peaceful sleep for you and your pet, even babies can sleep comfortably.
  • Decorative: This lovely shape is inspired by the leaves in nature and is particularly eye catching, placed in the house not only as a cushion, blanket, sofa cover, but also to decorate the house and bring a sense of nature.
  • Easy to move: Whether you are napping, reading, working, or playing, this cushion will provide constant comfort and relaxation.
  • Machine washable:Easy to clean, hand wash and machine wash are both possible. Please use a mild detergent. Do not bleach. Do not dry.


Main material: 
Cotton, Polyster

Product Size:
130*200 cm / 51.2* 78.7 in

Please Notes:
1. No bleash
2. Dry flat