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Ultra-Soft Fluffy Plush Non-Slip Rug Pet Mat

Upgrade your pet's relaxation with our Ultra-Soft Fluffy Plush Non-Slip Rug Pet Mat, where comfort, style, and functionality converge. More than just a mat – it's a delightful sanctuary for your cherished pet!

  • Supreme Comfort: Crafted with luxuriously soft, fluffy plush, this mat is a cloud of comfort for your pet's paws, perfect for naps and lounging.
  • Non-Slip Stability: Designed with a strong non-slip base, this rug stays securely in place, providing a safe surface for playful pets.
  • Pet-Friendly Durability: Tailored for your furry companions, this robust mat is built to withstand playful antics, ensuring enduring comfort in your home.
  • Stylish Versatility: Combining coziness with chic design, this mat beautifully accentuates your home decor, adding a stylish flair to any room.

Main Material:
Plush, Non-slip fabric
Product Sizes:
60*180 cm / 23.62*70.87 in
70*150 cm / 27.56*59.06 in
90*150 cm / 35.43*59.06 in
120*180 cm / 47.24*70.87 in
180*200 cm / 70.87*78.74 in