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Warming 2-in-1 Arched Semi-Enclosed Cat Cave

Warming 2-in-1 Arched Semi-Enclosed Cat Cave provides a cozy place for your fur baby to snooze. But sometimes she wants a little privacy, and this bed can also provide her with what she really needs.

  • Versatile for all seasons: Unfolded mode in the summer for ventilation and coolness. In winter it is closed mode, windproof and warm. And with a double-sided pad to go with it, your pet can't refuse the warmth and comfort this bed provides.
  • High quality material: filled with high quality pp cotton to provide all-round comfort, providing a comfortable and warm place for your pet to sleep. And the frame made of healthy material makes it super durable and easily keeps its original shape without deformation.
  • Extra Space: The deep pocket design provides plenty of room for her to dig, nest and snuggle in comfort.
  • Anti-slip: The bottom is made of special anti-slip fabric to prevent sliding everywhere.

Main material: 
Plush, PP cotton

Products Sizes:
52*44*32 cm / 20.5*17.3*12.6 in